Virmire is a lush frontier world, ideal for colonization by carbon-based species. Its vast seas and orbital position on the inner life zone have created a wide equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. Unfortunately, the political instability of the nearby Terminus Systems has impeded colonization efforts — the high risk of raids by pirates and slavers makes it an unappealing homestead.

Virmire is undoubtedly a beautiful planet. Despite this, the mere mention of the planet causes highly emotional reactions from some of the members of the Normandy crews. Virmire, along with Horizon, is one of two planets most feared by Bellara Shepard, though she would be hard pressed to provide a

For some reason, though beautiful, Virmire has a bit of a sinister reputation.

rational explanation.

Perhaps it may be said that the first rule of ME Twitter is not to talk about Virmire. Or at least not to casually bring it up in conversation. Especially not to Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko.

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