Samuel Cash
Old man by Necklace
Character Profile






Head Rancher - Cash Space Cattle Ranch




Unknown wife (deceased)

Unknown Son

Nicky Cash (Wife)

Unknown Son

Unknown Son

Lorelei Cash (Daughter)

Samuel Cash is the head of the Cash Space Cattle Ranch on Folsom . He's the owner and programmer of PAGA , the husband on Nicky Cash and the father of Lorelei Cash .


Not much is known about Samuel other than he inherited the ranch from his father when he died. He took a first wife who died during the birth of his first son, and married Nicky almost immediately after her passing, with who he had three other children. While he had been known for being a firm but fair man, he noticeably changed after Nicky became ill.

Samuel found PAGA bot during a trip to an unknown city, after which he wiped her memory, brought her back to the ranch and re-programmed her himself, secretly using Nicky's personality for the basis of hers and planning to use her as a 'replacement' wife when Nicky passed on. However, during the GIDGET unit recall, Paga escaped the ranch and found herself on the Normandy SR2 . The loss of Paga caused Samuel to grow increasingly bitter to the point of insanity.