Samara is an Asari Justicar that served under John Shepard during his fight with the Collectors. Stoic and wise, Samara spends the majority of her time in the starboard observation deck looking out onto the great void of space and meditating.

  • Samara recently was forced to tolerate the presence of her daughter, Morinth on the SR2 and the two of them managed to actually carry on several short conversations without killing each other before Morinth suddenly disappeard one day and never came back. This was an alternate Morinth, and not specifically Samara's daughter, who she had already killed. The presence of this Morinth was a painful reminder of Samara's past.
  • Samara has quite a taste for Cheetos and oftentimes finds herself eating an entire bag of them from the mess.
  • Samara has amazing breasts.
  • Samara is easily the best female character ever because she doesn't take crap from anyone.
  • She considers John to be one of her closest friends, and she has a great deal of respect for him.