Normandy Cat, the driving force behind all Normandys and the reason the Reapers will be defeated.

Normandy Cat (@normandycat), also known as "Commander", "Tim", "Burt" and "Ser Pounce-A-Lot" is the real Commanding Officer of all ME Twitter Normandys. He has many non-cat servants, only a select few of whom have been granted favoured non-cat servant status.


"Favoured non-cat servants" include:

He considers the following to be "lower life forms":

  • Dog;
  • Lieutenant Puppy;
  • Krunch.

Normandy Cat has classed the following individuals as "amusing cat toys":


Kitty treats, eating kitty treats, being fed kitty treats, knocking things over which contain kitty treats, feetsie massagies, pawser massagies, his long glorious tail, being superior, red velvet carrying pillows trimmed in ermine and fringed with gold thread tassles; patrolling the hallways of the Normandys importantly; opening up sleeper pods and shedding/sleeping inside them, tumzer pettings, shedding, marking his territory, cat capes, his Evil Lair of Evil; favoured non-cat servants, tormenting loathsome lower life forms, rolling around on the floor, blinking up at favoured non-cats adoringly, staring into your soul, being sung to and rocked until he falls asleep.


Not being fed kitty treats, loathsome lower life forms, not being properly admired, not being given feetsie and/or pawser massagies, non-cats who are not cognizant of his innate superiority; not yet having been provided with proper carrying pillows.

When not patrolling, having his feetsies and pawsers massaged, sleeping, shedding, or eating kitty treats, Normandy Cat occupies himself by attempting to learn how to be a proper nemesis to Staff Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko. He is as anxious to please this favored non-cat servant as it is possible for a cat to be.