Nicky Cash
Character Profile






Rancher (retired)




Samuel Cash (Husband)

Unknown Son

Unknown Son

Lorelei Cash (Daughter)

Nicky Cash is the wife of Samuel Cash and the Matriarch of the Cash Ranch on Folsom . While once an active member of the family, she became very ill with an unknown disease and has been bedridden since.


Nicky's birth date or place are both unknown, however, it is known that she married Samuel Cash when she was 16, not long after the death of his first wife. She immediately became pregnant with their first son, and went on to have two more children, another son and Lorelei Cash , their youngest daughter. Nicky was somewhat adored by her husband and went on to live an idyllic lifestyle until later in her early 30's, when she fell gravely ill and became confined to her bed. It's not known how long she has left to live, but doctors estimate she has a few months left.

Life with PagaEdit

Once PAGA was brought to the farm, she became somewhat of a nurse to Nicky, and the two began a close friendship. It is not known if Nicky knows of her husband's plans to use Paga as a replacement, or if she knows of her programming.

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