Major Kaidan Alenko, pictured here looking sexy as always, wielding Kiki

Major Kaidan Alenko (@CDR_Alenko) is better than you and everyone else. At everything. Ever.

Major Alenko is Dr. Kayla Buchard's partner-in-crime. Together, they work on The Plan, details of which will not be disclosed to you, because you are neither important nor sexy enough.


Beer; saving colonies; being worshiped for having saved colonies; assault rifles - especially his beloved Kiki; modeling; manicures; manscaping; medical marijuana; not doing things lightly; smirking sexily; scowling sexily; glaring at people and things with his piercing amber brown eyes; raking his hand through his hair in a [adverb] manner, giving it a sexy, disheveled look; striding manfully; Galaxy of Fantasy; pwning n00bz on Galaxy of Fantasy; attending high society parties; (secretly) his whiny inferior younger self Kaidan Alenko; redheads, uh, Lieutenant Commander Bellara Shepard; practicing --- for The Plan. Of course.


Paparazzi; people who call into question his awesome(ly sexy) assault rifle skills; stereotypes about biotics that are not the one about them being fantastic in bed; breaking a nail; (supposedly) his whiny inferior younger self Kaidan Alenko.

Is neutral towards:

Brunettes. Women who are not brunettes.


Since Major Alenko's promotion to Major and appointment as Spectre have not yet been formally announced, he is maintaining his user name of CDR_Alenko. Don't get any ideas, however; although his elevated rank may not be common knowledge, the increase in sexiness and awesomess it has resulted in, is a very real thing.