Character Profile






Bumbling Henchman




Bodyguard (Currently Unemployed)

Kronk is a Krogan bodyguard, most notable for his low IQ and complete loyalty to Lilly Westerlund.

Kronk was born and raised on Tuchanka, however he was expelled from his clan after killing his own Krantt during the rite. Kronk maintains his Krantt accidentally shot himself in the back. Now without a clan, Kronk left for Omega, hoping for work with the Blood Pack or as a mercenary. However, his IQ was too low even for these groups, as demonstrated by his inability to write his own name. As a last resort, Kronk applied for an advertisement for a "Loyal, strong bodyguard suited to taking orders without question or knowledge of their own rights." Kronk got the job, becoming Lilly Westerlund's bodyguard and henchman.

Kronk immediately fell in love with Lilly (who he affectionately nick-named Pretty Human Female) and would happily do anything for her including falling down stairs for her own amusement, performing the entire score of Les Miserables on request and even baking macaroons and cupcakes for her, which he excelled at although he never fully reached her standards. Kronk has his own theme music.

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