Kate Frette
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Bounty Hunter


Unknown - Skepsis System


Bounty Hunter, Vigilante

Kate Frette is a bounty hunter, notable for her flawless track record and almost chaotic lawful alignment.


Although Kate has no recollection of her childhood, her first memory is waking up in a cage in a Slaver shipping facility when she was eight years old. She spent four days in the cage, in the dark, with no food and dirty water. Kate can remember hearing people weep and starve to death around her. When she was finally due to be shipped, Kate escaped her cage by disabling the lock using a hairpin she was wearing. She then fought her way out, killing every Slaver populating the shipping facility and eventually being picked up by Zaeed Massani's band of mercenaries at the time.

Heavily traumatized but determined to fight crime, Kate poured herself into study, doing well at her schooling and eventually joining the C-Sec. However, Kate found the job too restrictive and eventually left, working as a vigilante and a bounty hunter.


Kate is extremely righteous in her ways, although her judgment is often black and white. She despises any form of criminal, no matter how minor their crimes or the circumstances. She highly values discipline and honesty, and will not hesitate to be brutally honest when offering her opinion or point of view, even if not solicited.

Kate is also a lesbian and takes great offense to anything that could even be so much as deemed homophobic (even to the point of violence,) although she places relationships very low on her list of priorities, right below MMORPGS. She tends to look down on others and be quite the elitist, however, the exception to this rule is Zaeed, who she regards very highly and even idolizes.

Kate is horrified of bars and cages, as well as closed and confined spaces, probably as a result of her childhood.

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