John Shepard is the Commander of the Normandy SR-2.

Pre Twitter

Before appearing in the twitterverse, John captained the Normandy SR1, which include crew members Ashley Williams and Freddie Stanson . His mother, Hannah Shepard also served with the Alliance. John is a survivor of the massacre that occurred on Akuze and is affected by it to this day.

While Commanding the SR-2 he defeated the Collectors with the help of crew members, Miranda Lawson , Samara , Kasumi and Jack .

John is handsome, charming and charismatic though he would never admit to any of those things as in his mind he just does his job and tries to be a good commander and friend to his crew. As a result people rely on him heavily and he is often overworked and exhausted, but secretly he wouldn't have it any other way.

Facts and Speculation

  • John enjoys cooking.
  • He has also been kidded about having a "harem" due to his popularity with many female crew members. John dismisses this as derogatory to the excellent caliber of women he serves with, as well as ridiculous and utterly uncalled for.
  • John is a terrible dancer.
  • He is in a relationship with Ashley Williams .
  • John and Annika Shepard are very close.
  • John also maintains very close relationships with both Miranda Lawson and Jack despite their mutual animosity towards one another.
  • John is wary of Ethan De La Motte, although he respects his skills as a Doctor and is thankful to him for saving his life after being abducted and almost tortured to death by Toombs.
  • He is a fan of the romance novel Undressed By The Boss and enjoys speaking with Miranda Lawson about its characters and barely there plot.