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Commentary: HK-47; more interesting than any meatbag.

Reference: HK-47 is a Hunter Killer droid model of ingenious design and construction. "He" is the most brutal, efficient, malevolent, hateful, bloodlusting, sadistic, and charmingly comedic droid in the galaxy. He is completely loyal to his master, though will disapprove of the master's more pacifistic tendencies and menial task-giving.

Explanation: HK-47's specific origins are unknown to meatbags of this galaxy. He was found on a derelict vessel inside its computer while his aged chassis was in a barely operable state. After advising his Alliance discoverers on detailed construction plans for a new one he was once more able to slaughter as many organic meatbags that he could point a blaster at… at least that his master allowed. As his ownership was transferred to a new meatbag he was bound by his programming to obey all her commands that did not go against his primary programming.

Reference: Nonoptional Functions: Unless interfering with the rules listed below, HK-47 cannot disobey a command from his master:

  • Self-Preservation: HK-47 will not allow himself to be damaged willingly, nor damage himself willingly.
  • Protection of the Master: HK-47 does not have the ability to allow his master to be harmed or killed by any means that are preventable in his situation. I.E. If his master is killed away from him, his ownership will be transferred if no orders are to be followed that would surpass the death of the master.

Reference: Abilities: HK-47 has a wide range of versatile knowledge and tactics programmed, augmented, and upgraded throughout his existence.

  • Assassination Protocols
  • Psychological Assisstance
  • Superior Weapons Programming
  • Computer Slicing
  • Repair Skills
  • Demolitions
  • Interrogation
  • Translation
  • Cleaning Normandy Cat's cat box when requested to do so by Bellara Shepard [Grudgingly]

Reference: Known Assets:

  • Poisoned Blade
  • Droid Shock Arm
  • Droid Stun Ray
  • Gravity Arm
  • Aratech-based Sniper Rifle