Gypsies are a migrant, human race, often met with much stigma and discrimination due to their way of life.


Although it's unknown exactly how Gypsies found a way off Earth, it's suggested they were people smuggled or stowaways on trade ships. Without any official paperwork or documentation, the Gypsy people are without citizenship and as a result cannot settle on any one planet or legally work. The exception to this are planets with little or no immigration practices, such as Omega. However, due to their vulnerability and the stigma attached to them, Gypsy choose to stay mobile and not linger in any one location. This is to avoid Slavers. It's not uncommon for Gypsy females in marry in their teens to secure citizenship by marriage.

The Gypsy people generally live in poverty. This, in combination with their lack of rights as migrants means that medical care is hard to come by. As a result, the Gypsy people have their own way of treating injuries and illnesses, usually with conservation of medical resources in mind. It's common for the adults to go without any medical treatment in favor of treating children instead. The typical Gypsy life expectancy is 49. As a result of their lack of possessions and documentation, Gypsies have taken to tattooing any medical information to themselves.

The Gypsy people generally work as thieves or beggars. Women are trained from an early age to dance and perform as buskers on the street, with the men picking pockets of bystanders while they're distracted. All Gypsies are taught from early childhood the basics of thievery to survive, making them highly skilled in stealth and slight of hand, which may contribute to the stigma attached to them.

Gypsies live in large units of 'families' (although they're not all related to one another,) usually with one male leader.

Gypsies tend to rely on good Samaritans, stowing away or people smugglers for safe passage from planet to planet. However, Gypsies have formed a close bond with Quarians, who feel they share similarities in their lifestyles.

Religion and beliefsEdit

While Gypsies are highly religious, they do not pray to exclusively any god, and do not even name one. Gypsies live by the philosophy of 'praying to who will listen,' believing rather in a higher power than one single deity. Gypsies are, contrary to popular belief, extremely conservative in their ways to the point where it's almost repressive. If a Gypsy commits an 'impurity' (Promiscuous behavior, comes into contact with another's bodily fluids, touches a dog, etc.) then they will be 'Marime,' or unclean, and will be exiled and kept at a distance for a period of time from days to weeks.