560px-Chakwas MedRoom Post Eden Prime

Doctor Chakwas (@Chakwas ) is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Normandy. Somehow, she manages to serve on all alternate Normandies at the same time, leading some experts to speculate that the Normandy Medical Lab shares similar properties to the Doctor's TARDIS, and that Chakwas is in fact a Time Lord. However, none of this has been proven and the exact state of the Med Lab and Chakwas's humanity remains ambiguous.

Doctor Chakwas's first name is unknown, and she tends to dodge the question when asked. Regarding her personal life, Chakwas is an avid gamer, preferring to play Galaxy of Fantasy when not working in the Med Lab. It is also well-known that she keeps a large stash of Serrice Ice Brandy inside the medi-gel synthesizer in the Med Lab.

It's been rumored she is in some sort of romantic relationship with the Normandy SR-1's XO and Navigator, Navigator Pressly , though neither person will confirm this allegation.