Charlene RenoirEdit

Parents: Gilbert and Simone Renoir (unknown)

The only happy picture you'll find of Charlene.

Born: 2171 (roughly 15/16 years old)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray-green

Attended: Jon Grissom Academy (L4 biotic)

Whereabouts: Currently Unknown; escaped during the attack on the Academy by Cerberus

Likes: Jack, playing with fire, photography, fashion

Dislikes: peas, the smell of coffee

Charlene was sent to Grissom Academy from a young age to be taught how to use her biotics effectively. Shyness and a constant teasing of her French accent had not helped her to excel, giving her somewhat of an inferiority complex. Having Jack for a teacher, however, instilled a sense of conflict in her. She admired the young woman's talent and attitude, but believed the other students would call her a teacher's pet and a show-off. Instead, she downplayed her powers to the point of almost failing her classes.

When the attack on Cerberus hit, she hid within the walls of her room, crawled through the vents and ended up in the shuttle bay, where she managed to stowaway on one of the ships. When a Cerberus soldier returned to the ship, she unleashed the full potential of her suppressed biotics and killed the man without a sound. Bloodied, afraid and surging with adrenaline, she stole the shuttle and flew away from the Academy, leaving the others and her teacher behind.

Charlene's more fashionable identity.

On the run, she hid on colonies and found odd jobs waitressing and taking photos for fake IDs, but she couldn't outrun the guilt nor the drive to improve her biotics that followed her.