Teddy, biotics fully powered.

Biotic BearEdit

The Biotic Bear (BioticBear) is an extremely amiable and loving Earth bear that has somehow developed biotic abilities. He seems to have adopted Bellara Shepard as his owner, and she has responded bestowing the name Ursus Maior BioTeddy upon the animal ("Teddy" for short) and taken to feeding him fish, particularly salmon. She plans to take him camping and salmon fishing one day, after the Reapers have been defeated. Teddy has since taken up residence underneath Bellara's bed. Aside from Bellara, Teddy has made particular friends with Navigator Pressly.

Teddy's origins are shrouded in mystery. From observing the bear, it can be deduced that he understands a wide range of human speech, and that his creation most likely had something to do with Cerberus. But, then again, who the hell knows? It's a BEAR for God's sake, people. A freaking biotic bear. Why is Faeena allowed to climb on his back? It's a WILD ANIMAL. WITH BIOTICS.

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