Assbutt Cousland
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Noble Rogue


Grey Warden, Queen of Ferelden (totally NOT Princess Consort.)

Assbutt Cousland is Assbutt Shepard 's alternate universe counterpart and Queen of Ferelden. Having awoken confused and slightly thirsty on the Normandy (something she's sure those pesky Dwarfs had to do with,) Cousland spends most of her time being ashamed by and for her alternate twin.


Assbutt was born a noble into the Cousland family. Struggling with her kleptomania and burning-desire-for-revenge issues, she became a master of stealth and stealing things and became capable rogue, no matter how much her father denied it. After the Howe incident, she became a Grey Warden, destroying everything in her path including Alistair's virginity. (Cousland's Alistair is not to be confused with the other Alistair, who doesn't take these things lightly.) Not taking shit from anyone, Cousland remained in control of every aspect of her adventure, nearly forcing Alistair into the throne before he proposed to her out of pure fear. Legend goes that the child Morrigan carried in her womb during the final battle was actually Cousland's.

Cousland is currently reigning Queen of Ferelden and will give a severe beating to anyone who dare to even consider referring to her as Princess Consort.

Comparison with Assbutt ShepardEdit

Although genetically and physically identical to Assbutt Shepard, Cousland's personality is greatly different. Cousland's obsession with control causes her to abstain from drink and illicit substances. Being of noble upbringing, Cousland was given a lavish education and her etiquette and decorum is second to none, which means she's much more likely to hold in her gas than her alternate counterpart.